How To Succeed in Building an Effective AI Practice?

Building an effective AI practice

Presented By Ram Ravichandran
Ram Ravichandran
Ram Ravichandran
Director, Analytics & A/B Testing at Visa

As the Director of Analytics & A/B Testing, I am responsible for enabling a Data-Driven Decision Making culture via quantifiable impact and actionable insights. The team's responsibilities span facilitating Strategy, optimizing execution and driving value with the Analytics Value Chain for stakeholders across Product, Marketing and Relationship Management. Critical focus areas are Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Lifecycle Management and Voice of Customer. A fervent believer in the power of data, the importance of iterative learning, valuing customer feedback and delivering easy to adopt solutions. Hit me up on the value of Big Data, Responsible leadership with Data and Artificial Intelligence applications.  

Presentation Description

Artificial Intelligence is the next stage in the progression of an organization Analytics Maturity Curve. It bridges the gap between knowing and acting in speed, scale, complexity, and variety with a significant bottom-line impact. There are no cookie cutter approaches for building a successful practice today - it is an iterative exercise for every domain, organization, function, and team. It depends on the specific needs, the stage of analytical maturity, team & organization, infrastructure, funding & leadership support. 
We will touch upon our journey - our approach to building it mistakes we made/lessons we learned, where we are and want to be. We want to hear back from the audience their feedback, inputs, and ideas to optimize our progression 
This talk will not use any business confidential data, policies and is not an official representation of Visa's policies or roadmap. It is personal participation and generic domain knowledge. It does not represent VISA, Inc. in any form or matter.

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Building an effective AI practice
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