Transforming Marketing through AI - Role of Personality

Personality Matters: Transforming Marketing through AI

Presented By Igor Volzhanin
Igor Volzhanin
Igor Volzhanin
CEO, Datasine

Igor is the CEO of DataSine, which is using machine learning to help companies understand their customers better and personalize content at scale. He founded the company in 2015 after moving to London to undertake a Ph.D. in Psychology and Computer Science at the University of London. Before that Igor spent five years working in international development and lived in New York, Frankfurt, Tirana, and New Delhi. A relentless innovator, he is passionate about bringing his research to life and helping companies build meaningful relationships with their customers.

Presentation Description

Personalized experiences result in happier customers and increased engagement. But true personalization requires understanding a customer’s personality and communication preferences - from how and when to contact them to the words and images to use - in advance. 

Technical limitations have meant that this capability was out of reach for organizations, leaving them with little option but to resort to generic mass communications. Advances in AI and psychology have changed all of this. 

Join Igor Volzhanin, CEO at DataSine, to discover: How the thousands of contact points that companies generate every day can be used to predict the preferences and personality of their customers. How modern AI techniques can guide marketing departments in creating experiences that will resonate. How matching content to personality at scale has been able to increase customer engagement by 80%+.

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Personality Matters: Transforming Marketing through AI
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